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  Web address subscription ...  provides and supplies a way to promote your business up to the Web. 
Imagine your audio file, and or your video as promotional tools. 

Displayed below is promotional options using one of our domains of … BoothOwner.com
Simply substitute any of our available domains with
/YourName added to visualize your website address.

Booth Sign
Imagine how many smart phones enter / visit your booth each day.  Imagine them seeing your web address sign in your booth. (as below).  (
BoothOwner.com/JaneDoe ) Imagine them surfing to your site to see / learn much more about your business.

  List more items / any items / products that you don't display or have room for in your booth.  Explain your interest and items you wish to buy.
  Magnetic Vehicle signs
  Road Sign(s)
As we all see, yard signs for Garage sales and other events, imagine your sign placed on each major highway entering your city.
Traffic and smart phone traffic.
Business Cards
Supply cards / brochures in your booth. Explaining more of what you offer and what you specialize in and are wanting to buy.
Print Ads
Classified Ads in your local shopper paper, for one or more of your items for sale, would include and promote your web address.

Box / display Ads also.

Bulletin board pin-up ad with tear off fingers showing your web address.
  Grocery store, library, convenience stores, church,
Email Ads
  Build an email list from your booth and website.
Ask for email addresses in your booth drop box, ask what they are interested in, and you will keep them in mind and updated.
Antique / Craft / Malls
Display your business cards, brochures at your current mall, and also at other malls in your area. Malls generally have an area for this.